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Approaching Autism

Recognizing the Symptoms

Learn the symptoms of autism.

What is ABA?

Learn what applied behavior analysis (ABA) is.

Understanding ABA Therapy

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy helps individuals understand and manage the consequences of behavior. Behavior principles, such as rewards, are applied to encourage positive behavior and may be withheld to decrease targeted negative behaviors.

At Great Heights, a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will work with your child to clarify the expectations of a task, providing them with options and simplifying the task at hand to help them and every child experience positive behaviors and associated rewards. Ultimately, our BCBAs teach your child how to become less reliant on problem behaviors and more motivated to accomplish tasks.

Before any treatment is started at Great Heights, we get to know your child. We seek to understand their strengths and unique challenges so we can help shape positive behaviors. We chart and monitor the progress of every child to make sure we are working towards reaching goals, while keeping families and caregivers informed. We know that accountability is critical to success.

Understanding Aba Therapy

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