Ready to Move Forward?

The process is designed to help school administrators and teachers, not to create additional burden. After you connect with us and engage, Soar Academy handles everything in three simple steps:

Plan Development Meeting

The Soar Academy Director will work with you to develop a unique plan specific to the needs of your Title 1 teachers, students and families. We’ll meet with you to gather details then create the plan.

Launch Soar Academy After-School Program at Your School 

Soar Academy provides the teachers, helps you notify families about this academic advantage and supports student integration into the program. Our team works as a support team for your team to help accelerate student learning. We gather insights from teachers specific to each student participant and use that to create individualized plans for the students. We keep you informed of progress along the way, and we handle all the paperwork reporting to the Hawaii Department of Education. Soar Academy also offers teacher training and family support resources to help ensure a successful initiative.

Celebrate the Success of Every Student 

From little wins to big achievements, we’re excited to work with you to celebrate the progress of every student and help inspire life-long positive learning skills that will benefit students, families and the community as these students soar to new levels of success!