Training Coordinator

$47,840-$52,000 Annual
Fort Wayne, IN

Every member of our team is vital to the process of helping a child improve their skills and supporting the caregivers along the way. Great Heights requires a Training Coordinator who understands that quality, professionalism, and compassion are vital when working with clients and their caregivers. The Training Coordinator should have excellent communication skills, both oral and written, strong problem-solving skills, and efficient organization skills.

This employee reports to the Practice Manager and the Director of Training And Professional Development.

The position is salary ($47,840 — $52,000) Monday — Friday Mornings 7:45 am — 4:15 pm and bi-lingual is a plus. 

The Training Coordinator holds a minimum of a High School Diploma or equivalent, with a preferred post high school education or bachelor’s degree in Organizational Development and / or Human Resources with a focus in training and development as well as 3+ years as an RBT and / or background in Behavioral Analysis. 


The Training Coordinator will reflect and promote the values and missions of Great Heights when carrying out all workplace and community-based responsibilities. The primary role for the Training Coordinator is to source, identify, screen, hire, and maintain candidates for various roles as well as design and conduct training programs to enhance the skills and competencies of employees.

Human Resource Administration of this position to include:

  • Responsible for all recruitment and Human Resources activities for all Great Heights Locations. Including — hiring, onboarding/​training, staffing. 

  • Coordinates with the Director of Clinical Services to identify staffing needs and applicant selection criteria. 

  • Coordinates with the Director of Training and Professional Development on the scheduling and implementation of new hire training and all staff development.

  • Ensures that staffing needs are being met with a long-term strategy in mind. 

  • Collaborates with Directors on staff development as needed, including creating Job Descriptions, Time Management of Position, ensuring the proper certifications are offered etc. 

  • Devises and implements sourcing strategies, such as an employer branding initiative, to build pipelines for potential applicants. 

  • Uses traditional and non-traditional resources to source, identify and attract quality applicants such as career fairs, online job boards, such as LinkedIn or Indeed, community network events, etc. 

  • Ensure that teams consist of diverse, qualified individuals. 

  • Creates and implements end-to-end hiring processes to ensure a positive experience for applicants. 

  • Maintains records of all materials used for recruitment, including interview notes and related paperwork. 

  • Maintains applicant tracking system, recruiting reports and other staffing administration functions as needed, and ensures the accuracy of statistics in the preparation and distribution of weekly and monthly recruitment reports 

  • Arranges pre-employment testing, and background and reference screenings 

  • Gives presentations at colleges, attends student group meetings, and increases college awareness of Great Heights at Career Fair related events. 

  • Conducts regular follow-ups with the Practice Manager and other management to determine the effectiveness of recruiting efforts. 

  • Maintain and update HIPAA, OSHA, and local policies and procedures to ensure compliance and staff education. 

  • Maintains accurate and legal employee files in compliance with all locations state laws.

Training Administration of this position to include: 

  • Reports to and meets regularly with the Director of Training and Professional Development on all aspects of training. 

  • Communicates with new hires via phone and email in regards to RBT Orientation weeks, and expectations. 

  • Work with the Director of Training & Professional Development to develop supports, accommodations and expectations for all trainings. 

  • The Training Coordinator will help resolve training needs during RBT Orientation, including but not limited to: 
    • New hire absences, scheduling concerns and intern / training team communication.

  • Oversee RBT Orientation including but not limited to:
    • Monitors new hire Training Progress, utilizing management systems.

  • Oversee and assist with the new hire RBT certification process. 

  • Works with the Office Manager and Practice Manager to facilitate new hires observations and supported therapy. 

  • Communicates with Office Manager and Practice Manager regarding team assignments. 

  • Work with the Director of Training and Professional Development to develop and maintain all Training and Orientation Manuals. 

  • Work with the Director of Training and Professional Development to create content within the Central Reach Learning Management Systems. 

  • Work with Director of Quality, Director of Clinical Services, Director of Training and Professional Development in developing ongoing training for admin teams and clinical teams.

  • Assigns and Oversees ongoing training based on employees position and phase of training. 

  • Provide coverage for RBT Orientation, when scheduled trainers are unavailable. 

  • Collaborates with the CPR Instructor regarding CPR training. 

  • Collaborates with the Office Managers and Practice Manager on all training schedule needs and changes. 

  • Facilitate and provide Train the Trainer for new trainees and complete Trainers Competency Assessment. 

  • Work with the Office Manager and Practice Manager to ensure coverage is met for all training needs and schedules. 

  • Attend all Great Heights meetings and trainings such as: CPR certification, HIPAA training, PCM, staff meetings and training team meetings. 

About Great Heights ABA

Every member of our team is vital to the process of helping a child get better and supporting the caregivers along the way.

Our dedicated team and compassionate approach focus on renewing hope and inspiring the unimaginable for those with autism and other developmental disabilities.


Care, respect, teamwork, continuous learning, and appreciation are the foundational values that we instill in everything we do. These principles guide our commitment to the success of each and every child.


Progress is the result of a proven approach. Applied behavior analysis is a scientific discipline that focuses on the application of learning principles to change behavior.


We know how challenging and overwhelming an autism diagnosis can be for families. Great Heights is a place of hope. We commit to building a brighter future with you.

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